Tradition and

Technology on the edge

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pure juice, that is extracted from the olives, with mechanical methods without any added substances. With no other intervention. All the other Olive oils are the result of chemical treatment of industrial olive oils (lampante-pomace) for refining them.



…in the neighborhood, so is our production machinery



If there is a way to improve quality, we have it, or if new we’ ll get it


Our Capacity

Our Capacity is over 10.000.000 liters of Extra Virgin Olive Oil per Year.
Our olives are brine cured the traditional way, that takes 6-8 months.

The Ultimate Greek Virgin Oil

No compromise in production methods for the extraction of the pure juice from  the superb quality olives.

  • The olives are hand picked.
  • The process is done within 30 hours from harvest day
  • The olives are cold pressed